For installation of gas boiler in the apartment or private home, you must first obtain technical conditions for connection to the gas supply. Need to contact gas service and to write a statement, putting the expected volume of gas consumption. As a rule, the preparation of document with the technical specifications takes one to two weeks. If the application is approved, you will be given specifications for the installation of gas equipment.
After that we can start developing a setup project. It includes the arrangement of the gas boiler and the gas pipeline from a connection point in your apartment to the city gas system. If the connection is expected in the private sector, it also delivered the scheme of the gas system at the site, as well as marking the point of entry into a residential building. The project must prepare engineers who have the license for the design of gas communications.
The project must submit for approval by the city or any other competent service, which officially engaged in the maintenance of your site. The time required for approval depends on the complexity of the project. As a rule, it takes from one week to three months.
In addition to the project, you must provide the data sheet of the boiler, the user manual of its operation, the sanitary-hygienic certificate and certificate of conformity to technical requirements, as well as the conclusions of the examination of compliance of the selected boiler requirements. This list of documents provides the manufacturer of the purchased equipment.
If the project is approved, its stamp. From this point you can start to carry out installation work. It may happen that your project does not pass verification, then in addition to the official refusal, of the reasons you will need to give a list of edits for correction.
At the final stage of installation of the equipment you would have to engineer a gas organization to check connection and bring it into compliance with all requirements and standards. If all standards are met, it issues an opinion, which is the basis for the opening of the gas valve leading to the boiler.