You will need
  • - application for connection to the main pipeline;
  • - copy of passport of the developer;
  • - documents of title to the site, where construction of the house;
  • - certificate of right of ownership to the residential building, technical passport, if a house is built;
  • - the construction permit and the resolution of architecture and construction to carry out construction and installation work, if the house is in the stage of design or construction;
  • - situational plan of the site with reference to the territory of the nearest settlement;
  • - topographic site plan scale 1:500 with the application of all existing utilities, agreed with the organizations in which they are on balance.
The first document that you will need to get gas distribution service, will specifications. To do this, you must first apply to the person looked at whether there is a technical possibility and has determined the connection point. Then to get specifications, you will need to provide this service the following documents: application, passport copy, documents-area, evidence of ownership, the topographic plan and other from the list.
According to paragraph 9 of the existing rules for determining and providing technical conditions for connecting residential capital construction to networks engineering-technical maintenance, the issuance of technical conditions should not exceed 14 working days from the date of submission of the application. When all the documents you were given, the refusal to issue technical conditions may be followed only in case if the connection is not technically feasible.
When you get specifications, you will need to order the project of gasification of area in your organization that has a permit to conduct such works. This company should be a member of an appropriate self-regulatory organization (SRO). To reduce waste and save time, it is better to choose a company which will produce the project, coordinate it in all instances and will be in accordance with the equipment installation.
To organization dedicated to distribution, connect you to the main pipeline, you will need to provide the agreement on service maintenance of equipment installed in your home. The last document that you'll need to make will be an act of acceptance of equipment for operation, signed by you, the representatives of the gas service and the company that carried out the installation of the equipment.