Cadastral passport consists of information provided by the public information resource called the "State cadastre of real estate". If the requested object is missing, cadastral chamber gives the refusal to provide information. If you have data about the property the applicant is issued the official document of some form.

First page: exterior view

The first page of the cadastral passport should look like the following:
at the top of the document should be called "the Cadastral passport";
- just below the title, in small letters – that it issued a document: "rooms";
- next are the information about the apartment indicated in the space provided;
at the bottom of the page, under the columns of information about the apartment, put the name of the specialist issuing the document, his name with the initials and signature;
at the bottom of the document shall bear the stamp of the institution that issued the cadastral passport.

First page: basic information

On the first page of the cadastral passport must contain the following information:
- date of execution of the document and the case number;
- cadastral number of the property (assigned by the registering authority);
- cadastral number of the block;
- cadastral number of a building in which the premises is located;
floor/floors, on which the apartment is located;
- total area;
- the location with exact address and a letter (sometimes a letter is not put);
- the cadastral value indicated in rubles;
- previous (conventional) cadastre numbers
- special notes, if any;
- the name of the body conducting cadastre.

The second page of the cadastral passport

Please note: the document may consist of one sheet and not have the second page. However a copy of the cadastral passport is issued much less frequently and usually to the first page with the basic information attached second - floor plan. This plan shows the location of the apartment on the same floor and the same as the first page stamped and signed by the expert.

It should also be borne in mind that this form of fill cadastral passport relevant to the documents executed in 2013-2014. Cadastral extract, obtained earlier, are slightly different in format, but the content is largely similar.