Homes on land are divided into two categories:
1. house located in the lands of settlements;
2. house located in a suburban partnerships (earth intended for conducting of a personal subsidiary farms).
According to the latest changes of legislation in the houses, which are recognized as suitable for housing, residence permit. Depends on algorithm design home. So first of all clarify the question about whether your house is suitable for housing.
If you are not able to register in your home, the process of obtaining a home is quite simple. You will need to find evidence proving your rights to the site, the cadastral passport of the plot and fill in the Declaration on the house. It can be downloaded on the website of Rosreestr: All these documents are submitted to bodies of Federal registration service, so in this case, you don't even have to go to BTI.
In BTI will need to go to those who have right of residence in their home. Take in the territorial BTI request for technical and cadastral passport of your home. The manufacturing process can take up to a month. The technical passport contains the following information about the building: the address of the house site plan, floor plan of the premises, the legend. Cadastral passport consists of two sheets of a narrative section that identifies the area of the house, address, etc., and the graphic part of the plan of the house, the same floor plans. To order these documents in territorial bodies of BTI must present a statement to receive documents, passport and certificate of ownership. The bodies of BTI will write you a receipt for payment of the cost of these documents depending on the size of your house and document.
Getting your hands on a technical and cadastral passport of your home, you can contact the authorities of the building for the final design of the house. In addition to these documents you will need to also submit the application for registration of a house, certificate of land rights cadastral passport of the plot and own passport. In a month you will receive a certificate of ownership in your house, that would mean that the house you designed in accordance with the law.