Advice 1: How to change the permitted use of land

Sometimes you need to change the purpose of land use. It is possible to apply to the local authority and receive necessary documents. To change the permitted use of the land is difficult, but possible.
How to change the permitted use of land
You will need
  • - application for changing the permitted land use;
  • - consent of neighbors;
  • - the certificate and copies of title;
  • - the site plan;
  • - the cadastral passport of the land plot.
According to the Land code of the Russian Federation, all land is divided for its intended purpose:

- agricultural;

industrial (energy, transport, industrial needs);

- the earths of settlements;

- forestry and water funds;

- reserve lands and protected areas, and objects.
Each land has its own target status use. It can be changed at the request of the owner of the land. To change the use of land in two ways – by the transfer of land from one category to another without translation.
In the first case the land can be purchased any permitted use. In the other – only by selecting one of the listed in the legislation uses particular category of land. The second option is more simple, so as to change the use of land is much easier than to change its status. But to change the permitted use of land is possible within only one category of land.
You will need to submit an application to change the permitted use in the local authority. Public hearings citizens who live on the border of your land and obtain their consent to the required change.
Then apply to the local administration:

- consent to change of permitted use issued by a notary;

- copy of certificate of registration of right of ownership;

- situational plan of the site;

- the cadastral passport of the land plot;

- passport and its copy.
Typically, the change period is 4 to 5 months, after which you must issue the certificate on the state registration of property rights to reflect changes in the permitted use and the new cadastral plan of the land.

Advice 2: How to change the permitted use of land

If the land built properties, which in their functions are not suitable for the intended use of this land plot it is necessary to change the permitted use of the land.
How to change the permitted use of land
You will need
  • - a statement to the land management Department;
  • - number of the land cadastre;
  • - two copies of your passport, certified by a notary;
  • - extract from the Unified state register of rights to real estate.
To change one type of permitted use of land on the other, write the statement in the form of a petition to the head of the local government. In this statement, provide the cadastral number of the land in question; specify the category of the land, which is listed in your site and the category in which you want to translate it. Be sure to provide strong evidence of the need to translate your site to another permitted use.
This statement (with two copies of the passport, an extract from the Unified state register of rights on real estate, title, permitting the use which you want to change and the written consent of the owner of the site) send a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to your local authorities in the name of their Chapter.
In the process of reviewing the application–applications can be made both positive and negative solution. A positive decision will be issued in the form of an act (which must be made within two calendar months) in which the applicant will be informed about the legitimacy of the grounds for changing the form of the permit for use of land, the actual boundaries and area of the site, its cadastral number, and location. So you will be given the permitted use of the transfer station and the form in which it is to be translated.
Since making the above report within two weeks it should be sent by registered mail to your postal address. And within five days from the date of preparation of the report copy goes to the state cadastre of real estate records. Subject to this act in the Unified state register of rights to real estate and state cadastre will make the appropriate changes.
Cadastre office after making changes in a week will tell you about a change of permitted use of land, which from now on will be considered valid.
Fill the above documents with the utmost precision, so the authorities could find mistakes and to delay the registration of your application.
Useful advice
Do not worry if the first time you got rejected. Appeal against the decision in court.
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