You will need
  • - certificate of ownership or lease agreement;
  • - the permitted use prescribed in the title documents;
  • - the zoning plan.
The permitted use of land separately specified in the certificate of ownership, rental contract and other documents confirming the right to land. He also spelled out in the title acts to land plots.
Agricultural land is primarily use for the cultivation of fruit, vegetables, berries, melons or other crops.
In addition, all the land you can do buildings, is enshrined in article 263 of the town planning Code and article 40 of the Land Code, it is possible to erect buildings and structures, designed for the production, storage and processing of agricultural products. For example, on land for the horticultural, suburban and gardening purposes it is possible to erect residential buildings and facilities and in home gardens – domestic, industrial, and residential buildings.
The construction of any object implement according to the zoning plan and compliance with established rules and regulations. Field land use exclusively for agricultural production. The ban on construction at the field lands of different buildings is recorded in section 3 of article 4 FZ "About a personal part-time farm".
Teach that the prohibitions and restrictions on the use of land in documents that confirm your right to the land, make the appropriate entry, for example, "without the right of erection of buildings and structures".
As a tenant of agricultural land use in accordance with the purpose and permitted use. You may not cause harm to the land as a natural object: to pollute, to solarlight, to poison and to destroy the earth, contribute to the destruction of topsoil and other negative impacts.