In accordance with the Federal law "On personal subsidiary farming", land plot and buildings on it can obtain the status of private farming (LPH), if the land is owned or leased, its dimensions are within the limits prescribed by law, and it is subsistence farming in order to meet personal needs. In addition, you as the owner of the smallholders have a constant check-in area, falling under the category of "rural".
According to article 3 of the Federal law "About introduction in action of the Land code of the Russian Federation" and article 3 of the Federal law "On personal subsidiary farming", except that you should have legal documents on land, it still must specify the permitted use of land – "for the conduct of smallholders". Purpose of land: "the land under the homes of individual residential buildings", "gardening", "gardening" or "farming" does not give you the status of the owner of the LE, even if in fact the earth is used in this way.
Permitted by law the following wording of the permitted use: "for the development of personal economy, personal part-time farms, part-time farming" or "for private farming". If your site relates to land one of these categories, contact the local authorities with the application for registration subsidy.
To be included in lists for the money, representatives of the local administration must verify your documents and to certify copies of identity card (passport), a copy of the certificate on the property right to the plot. The original title of the document you must bring with you – after the verification of the copies and certify them, it will be returned to you.
The grant will be provided to you from the regional or provincial Treasury in the context of next year's budget law.