You will need
  • - the petition;
  • - passport;
  • - the conclusion of ecological expertise;
  • - notarized consent of all owners.
Agricultural land is suitable for agriculture and other needs associated with this kind of activity. Most often, agricultural lands are contiguous with the settlements and their transfer to another category allows to solve the problem on expansion of the territory intended for individual housing construction.
To transfer the land to another category only on request of citizens of the Russian Federation. Persons without citizenship, citizens of other States, enterprises in the authorized capital of which involved more than 50% of the assets of nationals of other States, to demand to transfer the land to another category may not.
To make the transfer of agricultural land to another category, contact with a written petition to the Executive authorities. To the application attach a photocopy of the original documents proving your identity, an extract from the state cadastre, extract from the unified state register, an environmental impact report, a notarized consent of all owners of agricultural land.
Your application will be considered two to three months. Any transfer of land is coordinated at the Federal level, so the timing of consideration of the submitted documents is quite long.
On the basis of the decision you will receive a written notice with the enclosed act of refusal or approval. If your application approved, you are responsible for your account renewal with changes in the state cadastre and a unified registry.
The timing for changing the land category is limited to one week, during which you must present act, resolution, statement, passport to the cadastral chamber and in the public registration center.