Log in to Skype. Go to the password recovery page. You will see a single line of input that enter the mail box used when creating the account and click "Send". Then go to this mailbox. Wait for the letter from the center support Skype. It will contain a unique link, which you will be able to change the password. This link will be valid during the whole six hours, so hurry up. Given the nature of the letter, it can be distributed both in the Inbox and in the folder "Spam". To find the password, check both of them. Click on the link. Enter a new password, then enter it again and click "Change password".
Go on Skype for a saved password. To find the password from Skype, you first need to find out your Inbox. He indicated when filling in the registration form that appears for personal data. In the top bar of the program go to Skype, then "privacy" -> "Edit my details". There will be a section with personal information, where you will be able to see the registered mailbox. To find out the password of Skype will be much harder, if not preserved autologin and Inbox that you registered your account, you don't remember. But there is an alternative method.
Please contact technical support. This method will be effective if you have a paid account. When contacting technical support, you provide the credit card number from which payments were made or the number of Internet-purse. The center's specialists check the data and send you the password. In case you have a free account, this password recovery method available to you and you will probably have to get a new account.