You will need
  • - the documents confirming the rights for land;
  • - the document proving the identity;
  • - a statement on the merger of land plots;
  • - the decision of the local administration;
  • - the landmark plan;
  • - the request for cadastral registration;
  • - cadastral plan (extract);
  • - copies of various documents.
Make sure that the land plotswhich are subject to consolidation, are one category of lands (agricultural, settlements, etc.) and have the same permitted use (private farming, cottage construction, etc.). If sites according to these criteria, there are differences, bring them to the same category of land and for one type of permitted use.
Count, not whether the newly formed land to exceed the area limit the size of the plot, which is set by local law at the town planning regulations. Note also that the combining sites are possible, if they are located in the same territorial area of one municipality, one city.
Regardless, the combined areas of one or more owners, apply to the local administration's statement about their Association. Attach to the application copies of documents showing an existing right to land and identity. When a positive decision will receive from the administration a resolution on the unification of parcels, the adoption of which the local authority must notify in advance.
Please contact a company authorized to engage in land measurements and make a contract to conduct a survey with the receipt of a survey plan. After surveying apply to the land registry house to put a new unified land cadastre. If we combine the sections were not previously included in the state cadastre, and simultaneously submit a request about the production of these plots on the cadastral registration. In this case, the areas first will be the procedure of cadastral registration individually and will then be registered in the state cadastral register as a single entity.
As a result, the unification of the land over the fact that you will get a certified cadastral plan in full. You will have the right to officially register in the registration office of the authority established possession by writing about this application, enclosing the required documents and paying a fee.