You will need
  • - a package of documents;
  • - the decision of the Department of architecture and administration;
  • - new cadastral and technical documents;
  • - the statement in PPRC.
For changing the assignment of the room you'll need:- a certificate of ownership or a rental agreement, notarized;- documents of title to land;- the founding document and articles of Association;- extract from the register;- certificate of tax accounting;- certificate about absence of debts on utility bills, rent;- extract from the cadastral passport and the copy of the cadastral plan and technical passport;- certificate of the cadastral value of the object;- the explication of the room, the floor plan of the building.
With the received documents, please contact the Department of architecture and urban planning. In the statement, specify which appointment you would like to obtain. Your documents will consider and will give you the act of agreeing to sign all these instances.
You'll need to get approval of the local administration, SES, public utilities, organizations that supply gas, electricity and heat and district fire protection. If the room is rented, will require the consent and notarized authorization from the owner.
The final verdict will be reached by the regional Commission for the redevelopment and chief architect of the district. If the change of purpose not against the law, measures of fire-prevention and epidemiological safety, will not lead to other undesirable consequences to others, you make a positive decision.
For the final change you need to make changes in the unified state register. To do this you need to turning to BTI, to call the technique for inspection of premiseson the basis of which will change the technical and cadastral documents.
Get the necessary statements and will apply in PPRC. On the basis of the changed documents to the registry will make the difference.