The first reason ugly handwritingand it may be that you just simply hold the pen incorrectly. The end of it you have to look in the right shoulder. Modern office supply stores have special attachments that help hold the handle.
If the letter does not need too much to strain your fingers and wrist. Try to use when writing the muscles of the arm and shoulder. In order to train plechnye muscles, often need to write on a vertical plane, for example, on the Board. You can simulate writing letters in the air. The main thing - remember that the elbow should be relaxed, but the muscles of the shoulder need to get to work.
If possible, look for examples of manuscripts of famous people. Perhaps the handwriting one of them will inspire you to change and adjust your own. Determine which writing style is more suitable for you, it may be calligraphic classic or modern stylish handwriting with a bizarre twists.
More practice writing by hand. At the first opportunity try to rewrite on the paper some text to write your name or practice painting. Always carry a pen and Notepad for this purpose. More draw. Drawing will allow you to get hand, handwriting will be more smooth and proper. Try write different, even the most uncomfortable handles. In order to display the letters are very thin or very thick handle, you have to work. This is very useful for training. The first time you can try to write on lined paper, it will accustom you to display smooth letters.
In many cities, open special schools in which adults and children are taught to work on his handwritingohms. If you have the desire and financial ability, seek help from professionals.