You will need
  • documents;
  • - money.
To register the land for the construction of the garage, contact the district administration of the city or village in which you intend to lease the land and provide the necessary documents. After approval, get the act on granting you land.
Upon completion of construction of the garage put the land into your property. To do this, submit to State Management of Federal Registration Service on every object necessary documents.
The garage:
-receipt about payment of state duty in the amount of four hundred rubles;
-statement on the state registration, power of attorney or passport, a Declaration of object;
-cadastral plan of the site;
-a document confirming the right to land.
The plot:
-receipt about payment of state duty in the amount of four hundred rubles;
-application for state registration, power of attorney or passport;
-cadastral plan of the land;
-title deed for the plot.
If you want to build a garage on land owned by the garage-construction cooperative – contact the Chairman. The whole earth GSK is he in perpetuity as a legal entity. If there is a site where you can without violating rules of fire safety, to build another garage, you sell.
To place your garage in the property – serve in the local administration the following documents (all photocopies assure at the notary):
-a statement (from the cooperative or myself);
-copies of passports of applicants (applicant);
-copies of certificates of all members of the cooperative garages;
-cadastral plan of the site;
-the documents confirming the right to land (an extract from the unified state register, lease agreement).
Verify directly and in advance what other documents is required as they differ depending on the County.