You will need
  • -passport
  • -the cadastral passport
  • -title deed for the plot
  • receipt about payment of state duty for registration
When the right to permanent perpetual use or lifetime inheritable possession of land is necessary to cause the organization to carry out the necessary works. After all the work, and on the basis of these works will give you the technical documents of the land. You must register them in ROSNEDVIZHIMOSTI, and to obtain cadastral passport on land. Cadastral passport and available on the site documents, please contact the state registration centre for registration of real estate. Based on the documents you will be issued a certificate of ownership of the land.
If the garage is the garageby the cooperative and the land has the status of a common ownership between all the members of the cooperative, to apply to the local administration.Here there are difficulties. If any of the members of the cooperative does not wish to redeem his land and to issue on it the property, that is his right. To make a person in this case is impossible. Without the consent of at least one member of the cooperative to issue land property of other members of the cooperative are not possible.And if the site is considered indivisible, the issue of land in the property under his garageω is impossible. Indivisible is the area if the garagesome boxes have a common Foundation, walls and internal passages. To issue the property right it is necessary to persuade all owners. You can apply to the court.
If your garageNY co-op is not a monolithic area, contact the organisation on land to determine whether it is possible to form a border under your garageth. In case of positive decision it is necessary to obtain the technical documents for the site. On the basis of these documents, contact the Rosnedvizhimost ' to receive the cadastral passport. You can then register your rights in the registration center for registration of real estate and to document on the right to property.