In order to obtain a land plot for individual construction, the citizen should contact the administration of the municipal district where he lives. Usually the statement is attached questionnaire by the established sample, and also a certificate stating that in the locality where construction is planned, the citizen has no residential house.
This statement is considered, usually within thirty days. After the decision of the Department of architecture and communal services give the developer the plot. A citizen is a lease, signed the act of transfer of land, will be handed out a plot plan with clear identification of boundaries.
If a citizen received a plot, started construction within the period specified in the contract, then this document ceases to have effect at the time of his graduation, and the land plot returned to the property of the municipality. As a rule, the land lease term shall not exceed three years.
To obtain land for the construction in this way can citizens separate categories:
- persons who are recognized as needing improvement of living conditions,
- large families raising minor children,
- invalids and participants of the great Patriotic war, combat veterans,
widows of participants of war and veterans
- adoptive parents or guardians, if accepted in family child, not fixed premises, or it is recognized as old
- young professionals working in rural areas
with disabilities, families raising children with disabilities,
- heroes of the Soviet Union and the Russian Federation.
If a citizen exercised the right to obtain land, the next land, if a citizen will need their receipt, be submitted for a fee on a common basis.