Order in the administration of the city or village, a copy of the territorial plan of the area in scale of 1:500 and select a land on which no buildings.
By defining what area on this topographic map is the most you liked, give your local authority a statement, to find out if someone's right of ownership of the site. This procedure will take a few days.
If confirmed the presence of the owner of the parcel, you will have to find another place for construction of houses and again then contact a similar statement.
As soon as confirmation of the absence of the owner of the land, write a statement with a request to check the presence or absence of objects, prohibiting the construction of residential buildings. If the site is not laid such objects (e.g., pipeline), copies of the plan will be marked to allow construction.
Then write the following, third, a statement to the administration, which pohodnistvo permit construction of housing in your chosen area. The application must include copies of a site plan with all the notes and certificates obtained by the previous statements.
Few weeks the administration and the Department of real estate will review your application and render a decision. If in documents there are no violations, then the land will be auctioned, a message which will be published in the local media.
After announced the auction, you must wait one month. If will appear wishing to apply for participation in the auction and purchase the land, you also have to participate in them. If there are no bids for the purchase of the land will pass to you at lease use.
The right to lease is granted for three years, so you can build a house. After the construction is finished, the state will provide you with the opportunity to formalize land property.