You will need
  • - a statement containing the following information: the desired amount of land and location of land under the garage;
  • - copy of passport;
  • - power of attorney (in the case of your representative) to apply for the provision of land for Parking.
With the above mentioned documents according to article 268 of the civil code apply to the administration of the city district of your city, where within one month the documents will consider and take the decision to satisfy your request to receive the land.
Call the experts from the land management company for the registration of the act on the ground. Surveyors will determine the coordinates of your site (checking it will set the boundaries), will make a topographic survey and prepare a cadastral plan, will make the State act on the property right after receipt, which you officially become the owner of the land.
With the received technical documents on the ground report to the centre land registration, cadastre and cartography, where your land will register in the unified state cadastral account under the account number and you will receive the cadastral passport. Register it in the state registration of the real estate center and will receive there certificate of ownership of the land.
Now you can safely begin construction of its garageand, after which, gather all required documentation and complete right of ownership to the garage.