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According to the Land code of the Russian Federation, in municipal or publicly owned areas of land can be allocated in the property of legal persons or citizens as for a fee or for free. The main one is the provision of land for any use for a fee, except in cases governed by Federal laws and local laws of the Federation.
For the land for construction of residential houses it is necessary to choose the location of the specific land plot and to appeal to the local Committee of this district for management of property and ground relations with a request to write the cadastral parcel number. If the parcel is not yet highlighted (cadastral number is not assigned), you must apply to the local authorities a statement on the allocation of land for private construction for a period of 3 years.
With the visa of the head of administration of the territorial unit (village, etc.) back in Quito (making a copy of this document), and then in the week of approval of application to the district administration. After this period, in Quito get the letter fixed-form notification at your chosen site and submit it to local newspaper for publication. Within one month of the date of publication of the newspaper expect, not whether there will be other contenders for this site. If this happens, the site will be put up for auction. Several copies of the newspaper will let you.
After a month of waiting should be a copy of the application and Newspapers to clarify Koiso, what's the news on your site. If other applicants it is not there, you will be directed to create a development plan of the Architectural-planning Bureau.
This procedure takes two weeks, after which the plan needs to get to the head of administration of the settlement and to obtain permission to build a house. The whole assembled package of documents provided to the office, fixing the boundaries of your plot. This procedure lasts for about 3-4 months. After receiving the documents, you must submit them to the assignment section of a cadastral number (if it has not yet been rated).
So, all the documents on hand and can be Quizo for the contract on the lease of the area for 3 years, during which it is necessary to build at least 70% of the future house. This is a precondition of privatization, as the house and the land.