Go to the administration of the settlement, to which the desired land plot, and order your copy of the topographic plan of the terrain on which you will be able to view the territory in scale of 1:500 and choose the land for the area, focusing on already built-up area.
Choosing the land plot in territorial terms, apply to the administration statement to determine whether anyone in this land the right of ownership. Before the end of the clarification of the right of ownership of land you will have to wait a few days.
After clarification is completed, you will have two choices – if someone else has ownership of your chosen plot of land, confirmed by documents, you will have to find a new land, repeating all the previous steps in the administration.
If the site is free, on the topographic plan will be a corresponding mark, and you will have to write another statement in which your plot will test the validity of construction of residential buildings. If the site no objects, prohibiting the construction (e.g., pipeline), copies of the plan will be another mark to allow the construction.
Then write a third statement to the administration, requiring permits for individual housing construction on the chosen site. Attach to the application copies of the topographic plan with all notes and certificates you have received on previous statements.
After you submit this application you will have to wait some time while the administration and the Department of real estate will not consider it, and will not come to any decision. If your documents are not violations, and all rules conform to the norm, the land plot put up for auction in the official media.
After the announcement of the auction you need to wait another month. If during this period appeared willing to buy the plot, you will have to buy land at auction. If no purchase requisition is received, then after a month the land is transferred to you as a tenant.
The right to lease is issued for three years – this period of use in order to build up the plot. After completion you can register the land in the property.