Before diagnosing the ignition module, the engine control is necessary to ensure that in good condition are the other systems of the vehicle. Once you are sure convinced of the faults of the ignition, remove the installation of the ignition module and check the status of the essential elements.
When working with the ignition module, should smoothly disconnect the negative terminal wire from the battery, after having made a marking on it, and then disconnect the electrical harness from common reel-to-reel mechanism.
Then you need to Unscrew all fixing bolts and screws, thereby completing the removal of the body of the ignition module.
Then with the engine off the car, disconnect the entire Assembly of the ignition module and measure with an instrument, the resistance between the main contact terminals of the connector. After that you need to compare your measurements with the General requirements in the specifications.
If your car is seen a sharp decline, this indicates your device issues with a short circuit. Once you install the continuity of the wires can break to check the secondary circuit of the motor and measure the resistance between the outer terminals of the plugs.
The results of measurements, it is necessary to make a determination about the state of isolation in the system and if found the fault in the coil, the mechanism must be replaced.
After all management operations, the ignition module is made, you need to install them in reverse order, starting from the mounting bolts and ending with the tightening screws on the body of the plug.
Most important to follow the correct insertion of all of the circuit wiring, because there was a problem connecting immediately leads to a fault in the ignition module.