You will need
  • The key is to remove the coil, the ohmmeter or multimeter.
Open the hood and locate the ignition coil. Disconnect from her high-voltage wire. It is usually suited to a Central contact. Disconnect the two wires a plus (+) and minus (–) from the coil. Remove the coil from the body of the car.
Next, check the resistance of the secondary winding. To do this, connect the ohmmeter to the negative (-) terminal and high voltage. The resistance between them should be within 4.5 kω to 6.5 kω.
The next step is to check the coil on the insulation or ground. Connect one contact of the ohmmeter to the body of the ignition coil, and the second in turn to each of pins: plus and minus high voltage. The resistance between each terminal and the body coil should not be less than 50 megohms.