You will need
  • - equipment of AZ-1 and MD-1;
  • - voltmeter and a resistor of 2 ohms
Test the Hall sensor by using instruments AZ-1 and MD-1 in the following way. Device MD-1 plug instead of a switch, turn on the ignition, but the motor does not start. Enabled status led P will signal about the health of the lock and the ignition relay. Burning led To says about the serviceability of the ignition coil. Turn on the starter. If led D is flashing, it means that the Hall sensor is defective. If the led D flash will not connect the device with an AZ-1 instead of the Hall sensor. The device will replace the faulty sensor and allow you to continue driving at speeds up to 90 km/h. Fire on it the indicator says about the readiness of the device to work. Off indicator shows on the wiring.
Test the Hall sensor with a voltmeter and a resistor of 2 kω. To do this, remove the distributor and connect it to the voltmeter and the resistance as shown in Fig. Connect power supply with voltage of 10-12 V. the voltmeter To give correct readings, its measurement range must be at least 15 V and internal resistance should not be less than 100 ohms. Start to slowly turn the shaft of the distributor. The voltmeter should change from minimum to maximum. The minimum voltage should be no more than 0.4 V and a maximum to vary from the supply of more than 3 V.
In the absence of any appliances and road test the Hall sensor in a primitive way with the help of spark plugs. Remove one of the candles and put it on the engine. Turn the ignition on and check power on both contacts of the ignition coil. Then remove the center wire from the distributor cap and push it between the tubes in the brake cylinder so that the exposed contact was on расстоянии5-10 mm from the cylinder body. By using a pigtail connect the Central contact of the distributor and the negative terminal of the battery. If there is a spark between the housing of the brake cylinder and stretched out to him wire, Hall sensor defective. All checks need ignition on.
New Hall sensor when installing check the following. Insert it into the connector, turn the ignition on and slide the metal plate through the slot. If a spark between the wire and the plate, the sensor is OK.