Ignition coil is an integral part of the starting system of the motorcycle. The output of the coil failure may cause a no start engine. To ensure efficiency of the system startup motorcycle ignition coil should be checked regularly for defects.

Causes of breakdowns

Premature failure of ignition coil of motorcycle can have the following causes:

1. Burnout of the windings in the output of the ignition with the engine off.

2. The gap in power supply.

3. The increase in gap between spark plug electrodes.

4. The gap of isolation.

Visual inspection

Before checking the ignition coil must be removed from the motorcycle engine. Then performed a visual inspection of the coil, which allows identifying mechanical damage, traces of burns or oil stains. In case of detection of the above symptoms are the coil needs to be replaced.

Equipment to check

Check the ignition coil is on the stands, which are available at specialized service stations. This stand can be assembled from available components and conditions the garage that will allow the motorcycle owner to check the technical condition of the ignition coil yourself. The test bed includes a separate battery.

Bench check

Check the coil on the stand includes consecutive execution of the following tests:

1. To check the efficiency of the primary winding of the coil. Low-voltage coil terminals must be connected to the resistance meter that must be normalized to the value specified in maintenance documentation.

2. To check the status of the secondary winding. An ohmmeter is connected to high-voltage and low-voltage terminal of the ignition coil. If measured at PP 1-2 the resistance is not the normalized values, the coil must be replaced.

3. To check the resistance of the "masses". To do this, connect a resistance meter with one contact to the coil body and the other snap to each terminal in turn. If the resistance is less than specified value, the ignition coil must be replaced.

4. To check the coil for inductance. In case of discrepancy increased inductance specified in the documentation of value must replace the coil.