You will need
  • - ohmmeter;
  • - crank (curve starter);
  • - portable lamp
Take the device ohmmeter. Output capacitor connect with his body, his discharge. One probe of the ohmmeter, connect the tip wire, the second to the case (instrument switch in the upper limit of measurement). With proper capacitor arrow is sharply deflected in the direction of "0" and then gradually return to the symbol "∞". If you change the polarity, the arrow will further deviate to a "zero." The faulty capacitor and replace.
Disconnect the wire from the ignition coil wire and condenser from the clip of the circuit breaker. Take a portable lamp, it will give the opportunity to test the breaking down of the condenser to the vehicle body. Connect it to the terminal breaker. Turn on the ignition. The capacitor is considered to be faulty if the lamp will light up. It is used to reduce the erosion of the breaker contacts and increase the secondary voltage. Connect the capacitor in parallel. When opened, at a time when the gap is at a minimum value, a spark, with the result that it accumulates charge. For each ignition system has its own condenser. Its capacity is usually located within the boundaries of 0,17—0,35 UF. For the contact system of the car VAZ, its value is 0,20—0,25 mkF. In the case of deviations in the capacitance of the capacitor decreases to the secondary voltage. When charging or discharge of the capacitor does not exceed 5 kV.
Disconnect the black wire coming from the ignition coil from the clip circuit breaker, disconnect the wire to the condenser from the breaker. Turn on the ignition. Make between touch. The capacitor will be faulty in the event of a spark. The following method - charge its high-voltage current from the ignition coil, then secure it to the vehicle body. If there is spark discharge between the ground wire and capacitor with an audible click, then it works. If spark is not observed, it means the capacitor is broken.
Disconnect the condenser. Take the winding handle and start to turn the crankshaft of the internal combustion engine. Remove the ignition distributor cap and turn the ignition on. A malfunction of the capacitor is excessive sparking of the contacts of the interrupter at this time. The appearance of too weak of a spark between the casing and the Central high-voltage wire, and with a fairly strong arcing of the contact breaker, the condenser is defective and requires replacement.