You will need
  • - strobe engine tuning;
  • - set of automotive tool;
  • - insulating gloves.
To adjust the ignition, roll the car out of the garage. Interference from direct sunlight, choose to work in the afternoon. Inspect the strobe and inspect his body for mechanical damage. Remember that contact with the high voltage circuit of the Converter unit is able to cause you serious injury.
Turn off the car engine. Using clamps and observing polarity, connect the device to the battery. Avoiding short-circuit in case of wrong connection of the contact wires, reconcile their actions with the device attached to the regulations. Fasten the signal cable to the wire connected with spark plug of the first cylinder and forming a capacitive coupling with a strobe light.
Place the wire by excluding them from falling into the moving parts of the machine. The flywheel or crankshaft pulley to locate the mark made with white paint. Define a similar marking on the housing of the engine. Remove metal objects: watches, bracelet, chain, etc. shift vehicle transmission to neutral.
Wear dielectric gloves. Eliminate any contact of body parts and clothing items with moving parts of the mechanism. Start the car and let it warm up, achieving a steady idle. Loosen the bolt, preventing rotation of the distributor.
Aim the strobe light on the crankshaft pulley, the lighting mark on his body and risk to the engine. Slowly rotate the body of the distributor in a certain direction, achieving a combination of marking strokes. Stop the engine and disconnect a stroboscope. Secure housing of the distributor by tightening the retaining bolt.
Check the adjustment of the ignition dynamics, accelerate the car to 50 km/h on a horizontal road section. Sharply press the gas pedal. Knock knock, lasts no longer than two seconds, signals the positive result of your work.