Advice 1: Why is punching candles

Spark plugs are a crucial element of the engine system. They play a major role in his work. The owners from time to time faced with the problem, which is the breaking down of candles. To solve the problem, you need to scan them.
Why is punching candles
From candles depends primarily on the quality launch engine. Their condition has an impact on the stability of the car at idle. If there is a failure of the candles, it can also deny other elements of the ignition system. It is also worth noting that can break the catalytic Converter the exhaust gases. It has a high cost. Faulty spark you need to "calculate" and replace. It is recommended to use spark plugs recommended by the manufacturer. If you are not able to buy analogs, it is necessary when choosing to comply with two basic rules. New plugs should be in their form close to original. They must also have close thermal characteristics. These characteristics are basic. Heat rating describes the degree of conductivity of the spark plug. It is not recommended to install on the automobile candles, which have shortened the threaded part. The fact that they quickly become clogged with sludge and become unusable.Note, in operation the gap between electrodes will increase by 0.015 mm for every 1,000 km. That is why it is best every 5,000 km to accomplish THAT. Most manufacturers recommends to replace the plugs every 30000 km. When buying always check them in the store. Some manufacturers provide warranty on these products. On many Japanese vehicles are equipped with candles that have an original design. For example, a frequently used design, with three side electrodes, or even do not have them. Keep in mind, a three-electrode spark has drawbacks. The fact that the formation of a spark which could penetrate the gap, which has the least resistance.

Advice 2: Where to put candles

Why in Christian churches decided to put a candle? This custom originates in ancient times, when Christianity came to the Roman Empire and brutally persecuted. Then Christians were forced to meet and hold services in secret, in underground quarries (the catacombs). Because there was darkness, people were brought lit candles. In addition to sheer necessity, candles and played a sacred role: they became the symbol of a voluntary gift, the sacrifice which believers bring to God.
Where to put candles
Later, when Christianity had not only ceased to suffer persecution, but also became the dominant religion, the custom is to light candles in the temple survived, becoming a symbol of faith and love to the Creator, to the virgin and all the saints. As explained by the priests, there is no strict, binding rules, where it is and how many candles should be put, by coming to the temple. However, there are some rules. First, it is desirable to put the candle to the icon symbolizing religious holiday that is celebrated on this day. This icon is usually put in the middle of the temple, and it is easily recognized because it is in front of her lit by numerous candles. If you have any doubts, you can ask the priest of any temple worker or parishioner.If people for some reason will not put the first candle for the holiday of the icon, there is no sin. He may first put the spark to other icons or to the relics of St. (of course, if they are it is in this temple). Very often the question arises: where should be put the living and memorial candles? There are some nuances that need to remember. Asking about the health of yourself, your family or someone else, the spark put before the images of the Saviour, our lady, St. Panteleimon the healer. You can also put candles before the images of those saints, which the Savior endowed with the power to help people in some specific circumstances (for example, Saint Nicholas is the patron Saint of sailors). Candle for the repose of the put at the crucifixion, on the eve, that is on a special Desk reserved for this purpose. You can find this easily on your own or to refer the matter to any temple servant or member. It is advisable to come to Church before the service begins to quietly, without disturbing anyone, to put candles. If the service has already started, and in the temple a lot of people – do not squeeze the icons, and tell the candle for those who are standing in front of you, quietly asking for a favor and clarify before exactly how it should stand. Or wait until the end of the service and set yourself.

Advice 3: How to change the spark on the Lada Kalina

Lada Kalina – a people's car. And as expected the people's car, it is simple in terms of design and maintainability. Many of the operations associated with the maintenance and repair of machines available for self-fulfillment in a home garage, including replacement of spark plugs.
How to change the spark on the Lada Kalina
You will need
  • - new plugs;
  • key to 10;
  • - candle key of 16;
  • round probes.
According to the requirements of the operating instructions, standard spark plugs replace new every 30 thousand kilometers; candles with a platinum or iridium electrode – every 60 thousand. Only use candles that are recommended by the manufacturer.
Open the hood and remove the engine beauty cover. On 16-valve engine, press the locking button and disconnect the harness connector at the ignition module. Loosen the mounting bolt of the ignition module located on the head cover unit. Then remove the module from the spark channel. On 8-valve engine, remove the ignition coil and the tip of the high voltage wire from a candle. Candle key Unscrew and remove the candle from the candle well. After that, remove the candles from the rubber coupler key. Similarly, remove the spark plugs from other cylinders of the engine.
If the candle key does not have a rubber bushing or a magnetic insert, do this with the ignition module or the tip of the high-voltage wire. To do this, put the tip module or the high voltage wire to the insulator of the spark plug and remove it from the installation slot. Inspect fetched a candle and by its appearance, determine the condition of the engine.
New candles measure the gap with a round feeler gauge. Do not use blade probes – measurement results will be incorrect. It needs to be in the range of 1,0-1,1 mm. If the clearance is different from the recommended values that guide its adjustment. Its correction bend the side electrode up or down. In any case, do not adjust gap by bending center electrode – it will lead to breakage of an insulator of a candle. As is often in use, the gap increases, it is recommended to set it to the value of 1.0 mm.
When installing the new plugs, install them first hand, without the use of special tools. If the new candle is not suitable for carving, you will experience resistance to rotation. In this case, remove the candle and make sure its thread is not contaminated. When dirty, clean the thread and replace the candle once again. If the threads are clean, pick up another candle for installation on the engine. After that tighten a candle key, inserting it into the knob extension. Recommended tightening torque is 30-40 Nm. Excessive force when tightening may damage the thread in the candle holes of the head unit.
Useful advice
If possible, make sure to use the candlestick key had a rubber grommet or a magnetic insert. This will greatly facilitate the extraction of the spark out of the spark channel.
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