Work, faulty ignition module ВАЗ2115

This electrical device that generates high (30000В) voltage and transmitting it to the spark plug. A number of car owners call this device a coil that is not quite true, because the last (2 pieces) included with the module. The first coil is "responsible" for 1, 4 cylinders, the second for 2, 3. Also in the module are a couple of switches. All elements are United under the plastic housing. Find the module under the hood is easy; it is approached by high-voltage wires. The main symptoms of incorrect operation of the module include power loss, it failures with a sharp set of speed, poor idle, idle cylinders (1, 4 or 2, 3). All these problems can be attributed to the ignition module under condition of serviceability of DS sensors, IAC, MAF.

Verification module ВАЗ2115

Prior to testing device to verify the health connected to the pad wires. This will require a tester. Take the disconnected pad, touch one probe of the instrument to the contact "A", the other to ground. Turn on the ignition and look at the scale of the tester: the voltage must be within 12V. His absence may indicate a malfunction of the fuse. In the next stage of testing pads take a test lamp, connect it between terminals "A", "b". Ask your assistant to turn a starter: the lamp will blink. If not, possible breakage in the wires leading to the contact "A". Do the same with the contact.

The easiest way to check the health of a module, replace it with a known good. But here there are nuances. The ignition module was completed with the first "Samara". In the later versions is the ignition coil, and the switch is in the ECU, so a separate module, as such, no. It is important to consider if you decide to use the car-donor.

Another way to check is to measure resistance. To do this, touch a tester probe to the pins of the module serve for connecting high-voltage cables; between contacts, leading to 1, 4 (2, 3) cylinders, the resistance will be in the range of 5.4 kω. If the resistance corresponds to norm, and the nature of the malfunction remains, use the "shake-up" module: tap lightly on the device when started up the engine. Changes in his work suggests a poor contact between the elements inside the body of the ignition module.