The main symptom of ignition module on VAZ 2110 is the lack of spark in one or more cylinders. Because of this, the engine troit, or does not start. Another common - shot down in time of the ignition cycle, which is impossible due to coordinated work of gas-distributing and piston system with the block plugs. Methods of determining malfunctions of the ignition module, there are several.

Check spark

This method is most suitable to check the ignition module VAZ 2110 in the field. You should always have a set or at least one new spark plug repair kit for car. Cover cylinder head alternately remove candle covers, inserting in them the new plugs that are grounded to the case or ground. If the rotation starter there is no spark, then the problem lies not in the candles and should further investigate the ignition system.

For this you can try to replace the high-voltage wire of the dome, on which there was not spark when the engine is started. With the distributor or module, remove the protective cover and number of contacts by the number of cylinders to which they are connected. After that you can remove a wire from a known working connection and put in hours testing so the integrity of the veins and the condition of the connector contacts. If the spark appeared, then the problem lies in faulty high voltage wire. In that case, if the problem persists, you may have deep repair or replace the ignition module.

A common fault is the ignition module

If there is no spark at all spark, a high probability of failure of circuit breaker or high voltage coil. In cars with injector fuel supply may be hit by the electronic control system of ignition and fuel supply that has the same characteristics as the failure of the distributor to the carburettor cars. The latter are easy to repair. Just remove the cover and the case cover of the distributor, then check the status of the contact group: the presence of soot, there is no electrical contact, the overall condition of the device. Very often the distributor fails due to faulty capacitor that is connected parallel to the power supply circuit. Its malfunction leads to increased sparking and rapid wear.

Method of substitution of module and high-voltage power lines

In some cases, much faster to replace the ignition module and high voltage wires on the same items, taken from the car of the same brand. The whole procedure takes up to one hour: the distributor or module to disassemble quite easily, the main thing is to note the conformity of the output contacts numbers of cylinders on the engine. In most cases this operation helps to identify the General ignition system condition without numerous time-consuming operations.