You will need
  • key to 10;
  • - flat screwdriver;
  • - multimeter;
  • - megger.
Put the car on a viewing hole or overpass, so as to reach the phase sensor convenient from below. Turn off the car ignition. Disconnect the negative cable from the battery. Remove engine protection from below with a screwdriver unscrewing the four bolts on its cover. Access to the oil pump of the engine is opened. The phase sensor near the oil filter pump.
Disconnect the connector of phase sensor. Remove key for 10 bolt. Remove the sensor from the bracket on the oil pump cover. Now it must be checked.
Perform a visual inspection of the sensor to identify damage to the hull, core, contact pads and contacts. Clean the contacts of the alcohol-gasoline mixture. Clean the sensor core from metal particles and dirt.
Measure the sensor resistance with a multimeter. Set the appliance switch to the 2000 Ohm position. Connect the contact device to the sensor. The resistance of a good sensor should be in the range of 550-750 Ohm (the data for the car VAZ-2109). Verification must be carried out at a temperature of 22±2 ° C, it is necessary to consider the error of the measuring device.
Check the inductance coil of the sensor between the contacts of the first and second pads with a meter R (L, C, E7-8) at 1 kHz. The inductance should be in the range 200-420 MHz.
Measure the insulation resistance of the sensor between the core and the contacts of the first and second pads with the help of megger Ф4108/1. The value of resistance shall not be less than 20 MW at a voltage of 500 V.
Replace the phase sensor the new. Perform its installation on the oil pump cover in the reverse order. Attach the protection cover of the engine.