You will need
  • - control lamp;
  • - multimeter;
  • device check BSZ;
  • - wire.
Check plug connections on the switch and the distributor, if suddenly the car started to jerk, the engine is misfiring and the tachometer needle began moving erratically. Very often there is pollution and contamination of the contacts, causing the switch accepts all signals from the Hall sensor. Solvent washing, penetrating lubricant will help to get rid of this trouble. You can even wipe the contacts with a damp cloth.
Swipe a thorough inspection, if the car did not start. To check is best to use the emergency plug. This small blocks that mimic the operation of the Hall sensor and switch. Check the Hall sensor – is the first step. If there is no simulator, it is necessary for the high-voltage output coil to connect bronirovat with a tip and a candle.
Short the green wire to ground with the ignition on. At the time of opening needs to slip the spark plug. If the opening appears a spark, but when cranking the starter it does not, then the faulty Hall sensor or broken wire it. You can also take a test light and connect it between the 6 and 3 pin switch. At slow rotation of a crankshaft lamp gradually light up and gradually dim.
Check the switch device for diagnostics. If there is none, use the test lamp. The bulb must be power up to 3 Watts, working voltage is 12 Volts. One output of a lamp connected to ground, and the other is connected to the first output of the switch. This is the conclusion, which is the brown wire on the ignition coil. If the voltage to the coil is supplied, and with the closure of the green sensor wire to ground at the output of the coil have spark, the problem lies in the distributor.
Remove the ignition distributor cap. Carefully inspect it for damage. A crack in the housing covers may cause a large leakage current, why would lack power spark, it will not reach the electrodes of spark plugs. Inspect the contacts if they are dirty, clean them. The runner is a resistor that also can fail, it will not spark to the plugs. Check the resistor you need an ohmmeter. The resistor should be about 5 ohms. If it is significantly different from this number, something will have to change the slider rail.