You will need
  • work book, forms of the relevant documents, the seal of the organization, papers, pen, documents employee.
Inaccuracies in the employment bookshall be corrected in accordance with the rules of conducting work record at the company, where the HR was recorded with an error in the date.
The employee should contact the organization with a statement to register their request for correction of wrong entry in his employment book. This statement is written addressed to the Director of the company in which made a mistake. The head of the company puts it, a resolution which expresses its consent to correct, signs it and indicates the date.
The statement serves as the basis for the issuance of the order, the first person of the company in which the Director orders the personnel Department to correct the entry in the labor book of the employee, where an inaccuracy in the date of hiring or dismissal. Document is assigned a personnel number and date. It is signed by the head of the company and sealed by the organization.
Cadre, in turn, under the mistaken entry in the labor book says a phrase, which indicates that this record with a specific sequence number must be considered incorrect.
Behind her the employee of the personnel Department puts the correct date of admission or dismissal from the company, information on the work of the adoption or dismissal of the employee from this position.
The basis of entry is the order to fix the invalid entry or order relating to employment or dismissal from a specific location.
Correctly submitted entry shall be certified by the company seal, the signature of the personnel officer, stating the position, name and initials.
If the organization in which the personnel made a mistake in the entry has undergone liquidation, reorganization or renaming the right to correct errors is a company which furnished the employee at the present time. He is advised to write a request to correct inaccuracies. The Director shall issue an order that serves as the basis for making correct entries in the work book of an employee.