You will need
  • - employment history of the employee;
  • - the order on transfer the employee to another position or assigning him to a new category or category.
Find HR order on the employee to another position or assigning him to the category of qualification or categories on the basis of which should be made the entry in the work book. If for any reason personnel documents such an order is missing, then it is necessary to issue.
Make the missing entry on the transfer of employee or the assignment of a new category or categories, under the consecutive number following the last existing record in workbook, with an indication in column 2 the effective date of the transfer (if the workbook is write the date of dismissal) and of the corresponding order in column 4 of the work book. Changing the chronological order of employment records is not a violation of the Rules of work books and Instructions for their filling in, as they have not specified a clear requirement to introduce the date of recording from earlier to later.
If the employee is dismissed and you have already made in the work book record of his dismissal, signed and sealed, then missed the entry on the transfer complete in the following way. Make the missing entry in the work book of an employee under the serial number following the number of an existing entry of dismissal, with an indication in column 2 of the same date which was specified in the previous entry. In column 3, with the particulars of the transfer or assignment of a qualifying category or categories, write the actual date of transfer, in column 4, specify a reference to a personnel order. Again put down his position, signature and seal of the personnel Department, and familiarize the employee with the entryYu in the workbook.