If you notice in the labor book of the employee is incorrect or inaccurate entry, in accordance with paragraph 24 and paragraph 28 of the "Rules of conducting and storage of work books," you can fix it, but only based on the official document of the organization, the employee has made an incorrect entry. This can be a copy of the order on employment, transfer or dismissal, reference extracts from documents which referred to these orders.
In the labour book, nothing to cross off or cover up with concealer, it should be decorated accordingly, namely:
-in paragraph 1 - put the sequence number;
-in paragraph 2, the date of entry of the entries;
-in paragraph 3 – write the Entry number, e.g. 8 is invalid. Make the correct entry.
-in paragraph 4 – repeat the number of orders incorrectly made entries. If the order number was a mistake, and then changed the paragraph to indicate the date and number of cancel order. In the case of a correct entry in the labor book, but the mistake was made in the details of the order, play the recording without changing it, and in paragraph 4, specify the correct data.
In the same order corrected all incorrect or inaccurate entries in the labour book about hiring, transfer, dismissal, rewarding.
In the employment of the owner you can correct the incorrect entry, even discovered through a large period of time. To do this, after the last record in the employment book put the next sequence number, for example 15, and then make a record invalid record number, such as 3 and make the correct entry, referring to the relevant document.