Early to correct a wrong entry in the labor book could only the employer who allowed it. Now this can be done at the new place of work, with a copy of a document or certificate confirming the error.
How to fix error in name and date of birth or enter information about changing these data?You must cross out the pre-written name, surname, middle name or date of birth. Next you need to write the new data. On the inside front cover is a record about changes. Be sure to refer to supporting documents, specify their name, number and date of issue. This record must be certified with the official stamp and signature of the authorized person (head of the personnel Department). Records of this kind are made on the basis of passports, birth certificates, about marriage, about divorce, about the name change.
Changed the name? Make changes in the work book
How to change the data under "Education"?It also requires proof, whether it is diploma or certificate. The old information is not written, but simply supplemented with a comma. This situation is common. For example, a person officially began working immediately after upper secondary or secondary special education. Of course, in the employment of the owner will appear on the entry "average". After receiving higher education average mark is not crossed out. Next just appended the word "higher professional".
Thus, the entry in column formation may look like the following: "Secondary, vocational, higher professional".
Increased level of education? Complete <b>recording</b> in labor
How to change data in the section "Information about the work?"Write below all of the records the new number in the left column (the sequence number can not specify), date of entry, and then the text, which would contain the words of a wrong record with reference to an order canceling and/or clarifying wording. This sequence of actions is required, for example, if a person was transferred to another position, the HR specialist has made a mark of resignation.Example: Entry number 5 from 1 March 2011 about the dismissal in connection with invalid absences on the basis of the Order No. 32 of March 1, 2011 Transferred to the post of head of sales".
How to fix wrong <b>recording</b> labor <strong>book</strong>
If a mistake is made in the name of the organization, then the entry is made without reference to the order in a simple manner. First, you need to write wrong the name of the organization (as stated in the labour book earlier), and below to make the entry: "the name of the organization is not spelled correctly. Should read ________" And specify a correct name.
A typo in the name of the organization common mistake
Changes in the section "Information about the award are the same as in section "Data on work".