The entry in the work book for dismissal should be made on the day of dismissal. Specify in the first column of the next sequence number of the record. In the second field write the date of termination specified in the order. The day of discharge is considered the last day of work at the enterprise. In the third column, enter the reason for dismissal with reference to the relevant article. In the fourth graph without abbreviations, write the number and date of the order (or other document) on the basis of which an entry in the work book. A record of the dismissal must be signed by the authorized representative, company stamp and signature of the employee (paragraph 35 of the Rules of conducting and storage of work books).
If the employee is dismissed by agreement of the parties, fill in the third column of the work book the following entry: "Dismissed by agreement of the parties, paragraph 1 of article 77 of the Labour code of the Russian Federation". Do not allow abbreviations of the type TC of the Russian Federation, article and so on, write all the words and abbreviations completely. If the expiration of the employment contract concluded with an employee, write: "Dismissed in connection with expiry of the employment contract, paragraph 2 of article 77 of the Labour code of the Russian Federation". At dismissal of the worker at own will make the entry: "Dismissed at his own request, paragraph 3 of article 77 of the Labour code of the Russian Federation".
Use precise language, based on the relevant articles, do not write anything extra. Avoid corrections and deletions – the employment records are not valid. If you make a mistake, cancel the entry and rewrite it correctly. Must be filled in all the blanks. In particular, in the second column specify the date completely in the format of XX.XX.XXXX, not XX.XX._ HH.
If article 77 you did not find grounds suitable for your case, use articles 81 (dismissal by the employer) and 83 (termination of employment contract due to circumstances beyond the control of the parties) of the Labour code. For example, "Dismissed in connection with the entry into force of the verdict, which he has been sentenced to deprivation of liberty, paragraph 4 of article 83 of the Labour code of the Russian Federation" or "Fired for the disclosure of legally protected trade secrets, subparagraph "in" point 6 of article 81 of the Labour code of the Russian Federation". Any other articles of the Labour code, except sections 77, 81 and 83, the grounds for dismissal no longer contains.