You will need
  • - the document proving the identity;
  • documents from previous jobs.
Prevention is always cheaper and more profitable than cure, so if you have not lost your workbook, make a certified copy. If the trouble has already happened, you will have to restore it yourself.
The process of recovery work book is not difficult, but time-consuming exercise, requiring great patience. To recover the workbook you need to visit all the places of their former job, and preferably in chronological order. In the personnel Department of these institutions in the new workbook needs to enter the data that you within the specified period been an employee of this company.
Going to the former place of work, bring your passport, your employment contract and all existing documents (certificates, statements of payment of wages, etc.). The fact that the staff of the personnel Department may attempt to refuse or postpone the issue under various pretexts. The most common causes are the lack of on-site authorized person and the lack of all necessary documents. Firmly stand your ground, deny you, they have no right.
Arriving at the former place of work, you find a completely different company. Not in a hurry to leave. Perhaps the firm in which you worked, just changed the name. It is possible that it was absorbed by a larger company. In this case, to recover the data in your work book needs their HR Department. Because before the merge documents moved to General archives.
But what do you do when the firm where you worked for several years, ceased to exist? Upon liquidation of the company its management is obliged to transfer all their documents in the city archives. You just have to know the address of the file, and to request from them a certificate stating that in the period you were an employee of a defunct company.
If the documents the firm files were not available, then try to find out whether the firm before closing renamed. In this case, you should request documentation of the company for its latest title.
But many bankrupt companies are in no hurry to send your documents to the state archives. In this case, your legal rights you can defend in court. Collect all your existing documents directly or indirectly confirming that you worked at this company. Find two former colleagues, ready to confirm that you worked together with them in the company. Pursuant to Chapter 28 of the Civil Procedure Code of the Russian Federation to go to court.