You will need
  • - birth certificate;
  • - passport;
  • - employment history.
In the work book can be amended if there have been made inaccurate or incorrect entry or the personal data of the employee obsolete. All changes should be made only on the basis of birth certificate or passport. Be certified by any changes should be signed and stamped.
If you had identified in his labor book to be incorrect or inaccurate entry please contact the place of work, where I made this recording. There ask them to amend incorrect data and to assure documented changes. If this is not possible, contact at the new place of work with a request to change data on the basis of an official document of the employers who made a mistake and your passport or birth certificate.
Remember, you have no right to personally make changes in their own work book. An incorrectly entered date of birth should be corrected by an eligible employee of the personnel Department on the basis of your passport or birth certificate. These actions must be stamped "corrected to believe", and the register should be made to the relevant record.
Verify the changes. Wrong date of birth should be crossed out with one solid straight line, and on top of the correct date of birth. On the inside cover of the work book should also be made to the documents on the basis of which changes were made. Also mandatory there should be the signature of the personnel officer, which was amended and the company's seal or human resources.
Contact the court if at the place of work refused to correct the date of birth or personal data in the employment book. And based on ship decision, you necessarily will correct the wrong information.