You will need
  • the order from the previous place of work of an employee
When completing the employee work record is not always possible to avoid mistakes and various errors. To fix this official document, there is a special procedure for making changes and corrections.
Classic situation: you have discovered in the labour book of the worker is inaccurate or incorrect entry that was made at his previous job. There are cases when you are by mistake made wrong information. This is a misunderstanding we need to correct.
To do this, use paragraph 1.2 of the guidelines and section III of the Rules of keeping employment record books (previously operated under a law that fix made the entry in the labor book could only the employer, which it filled). At this point, in accordance with paragraphs 27 and 28 of the Rules, changes in the work book can be made in the new place of work, but only on the basis of an official document of the employer who made a mistake. Such a document can be a copy of the order on appointment, transfer or dismissal of an employee or certificates and extracts from the documentation that mentions these orders.
In the sections "Information" and "Information on the award" the work book to cross out, white-out and can not be faked. To make a change or bugfix, you will need to perform the following procedure.
In the first column write the ordinal numberthat follows the last record. In the second field write the date. In the third column, write "a Record for the numberω such invalid.
Next you will need to play this same record, but in the right version. In the fourth column repeat number of orders on the basis of which was previously included an incorrect record. If the order was made in error, and further noted in a labour book, in the fourth column enter the date and room canceling his order.To fix an incorrect entry in the labor book only according to the above scheme.