You will need
  • insert
  • -the passport of the employee
  • -the document on education or training
When placing the liner on the title page of the work book should be stamped and indicate that the staff member is issued with a liner, put the series and number. Each new liner is necessary to make a separate seal. The liner is only valid with the workbook where you have the stamp and are its results.
Before you fill in the liner in the labor book, you must obtain from the employee the documents on the basis of which will be filled liner. You can't fill out the information listed on the title page of the work book, as personal data could have changed. The employee must submit a passport, a diploma or proof of training. On the basis of the submitted documents is filled in the cover sheet of the liner.
Recording information in the liner must be made in accordance with the rules of filling of work record. Serial number information on the work goes past the last record in the workbook.
Records of awards, as well as on the work done under the next sequential number for information about the awards listed in the workbook.
The liner should be filed under the cover of the work book. One employee can be issued as many inserts as necessary for his career. All liners are issued, to receive information on the title page of the work book in the form of print and specify the number and series of the issued liners.
The liner in a labor book is not a standalone document when applying for a job. It must be presented directly from the workbook on the title sheet which provides information about the results of the insert.
Fix invalid records produced in the liner, must be made in accordance with the rules that indicate the correction of incorrect records in the workbook. Under the wrong entry should indicate that it is incorrect, the stamp of organization and signature of authorized person. Under the next sequence number to produce the correct entry.
In the liner as in the workbook, you cannot do abbreviated recording. All entries must be decorated in the expanded format.