You will need
  • The documents on the phone.
  • Cell phone.
The easiest way to find the IMEI is to look in the data sheet or other technical documents that have been made to the manufacturer. Also the serial number should be spelled out in the bill of sale, which shall be provided by the merchant when you buy the phone. Not infrequently, the identification number can be found on the box of the product barcode. But it is not required many mobile phone manufacturers prefer not to give such information on the packaging.
If any documents and receipts at the moment is not at hand or they simply lost for many years, the identification number can be found inside the phone. It's usually printed under the battery on the phone label. It should be borne in mind that the label number is always indicated only by the abbreviation IMEI. Opposite this abbreviation should be spelled out a number consisting of 15 digits, which is the identification number of the cell phone.
If this information is an encrypted bar code or label is absent, or for some reason to read the inscription on it is not possible, then there is a third way to find out the serial number of your handset. This again actually need the phone itself, but always in working condition and with good display. In order to use the third method, you have to type on the keyboard of a mobile phone the following combination of characters: *#06#. Once recruited the last hash mark on the phone screen will immediately appear an identification number of a telephone apparatus, that is, press the "redial" push is not necessary. Typically, the information appears immediately, but in rare cases, have to wait (usually no more than 5 seconds). This combination allows to know the identification number for any phone model.