Address the petition to a specific person – the President, the head of the district, the administrator of the site. Use the epithets "Dear", "Dear". The petition is a petition, this document is not a strict form, so the use of such words acceptable. Contact the person by name and patronymic.
Describe the problem, solutions which you expect from the person to whom appeal. Describe how things were before that happened (what decisions were made) and how this event affected the lives of or reflected in the future. Refer to the date of signing of regulatory documents, which will entail changes. For example, the district administration made the decision to build a shopping center on the site of the Playground. This decision followed the inability of the walks with children in the area, the change in the environmental situation due to the large number of vehicles, traffic jams on the roads, cutting down large number of trees.
Write the reasons why you think this situation is impossible. Disconnect the emotions and give specific arguments. In the situation with the construction of the shopping center these may be the absence of other playgrounds in the neighborhood, the location next to the pediatric clinic and the need for access roads to it.
Ask to annul the decisions adopted, concerning exciting you issue, or to influence the situation in another way. Your requirements can be a stop of construction, the object is moved to another place. If you have alternative solutions to problems, formulate them.
Collect the signatures of all who are United by the territorial principle, I agree with the text of the petition and participated in its writing. Decode the signature. Hand the petition to the person to whom it is addressed.