Please visit the official website of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation. Here you can write an appeal to the Prosecutor General character, which will be reviewed within 30 days.
Send the application form at: GSP-3 125993 Moscow, ul Bolshaya Dmitrovka, 15A. Your letter will be delivered to the Department for reception of citizens of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation. If you write a complaint and send to the address: Moscow, Blagoveshchensk lane, d. 10, it will receive a reference and will forward the manual.
Fill in the online form of treatment on the website. Enter your surname, name, patronymic, postal address, telephone number. State the nature of the statement or complaint, try to specify all the details, but avoid emotions and foul language. The letter should not contain insults, profanity and threats to life and health of anyone. Do not write the charges, it remains the prerogative of the court. Just describe what, when and where happened and what is your request or requirement. Support said evidence. These can be photocopies of the original surveys.
Read the Federal law of 02.05.2006 № 59-FZ "On procedure of consideration of citizens of the Russian Federation". In accordance with this legal act, your letter must register no later than three days from receipt, and then send to a structural subdivision of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation.
Can declare the termination of consideration of your written request, requests, suggestions, etc. this must be Done in writing or by e-mail. The attorney-General is responsible for objective, comprehensive and timely consideration of appeals.
Please note: at reception of the attorney General the box for appeals and petitions. There you can put the pre-sealed the letter in an envelope. Correspondence removed daily at a certain time, the employees of the Department of the passage of correspondence. The top is stamped "out of the box for appeals and applications". It is prescribed collection date and time. Experts consider the documents for registration and further consideration in the office of the Prosecutor.