You will need
  • paper format A4;
  • - fountain pen;
  • envelope;
  • - a computer running a text editor has access to the Internet.
Prepare the text of the complaint. It is better to do this first draft to on the table the head of state has not got the illiterate and muddled story. In the letter, briefly describe the background of the situation. List the causes that force you to speak directly to the President. Omit irrelevant details and too emotional expression. Write intelligently and on the merits. Be sure to clearly specify the request.
Your complaint will not be accepted for consideration if:- the text contains obscene and offensive expressions;- a letter illegible, or printed in Russian, but Latin letters;- the address of the sender is incorrect;- appeal addressed to the President of the Russian Federation;- the document contains no concrete facts and statements.
To the letter attach copies of documents supporting your case and the cases of violations on the part of officials or other officials. At the end of the text does not forget to provide your full passport details, address, telephone number, date and signature.
Select method of submitting a claim. There are two options: the traditional letter or complaint in electronic form. They are legitimate and completely equivalent. Any correspondence received in the name of the President of the Russian Federation, on a mandatory basis are considered employees of the Department on work with citizens and organizations. The timing of the review letters shall be determined by law and does not depend on the form of presentation of information. Note, however, that the electronic document faster you will get to the President's administration, hence the decision on your complaint will be taken before.
Sending a letter by regular mail, properly label the envelope. In the "to", enter the following address: Ilinka str, 23, Moscow, Russia, 103132. In the box "From" enter your email address and postal code. Your address details must match those that you gave in the letter.
A written request you can also pass through the regional office of President. Her address and phone number find out in the administration area, search the Internet or local telephone directory.
Electronic complaints can be left on the official Kremlin website: Here you should fill in the form, which involves specifying the following sender information:- surname, name, patronymic;- email address;- telephone number;- social situation.
After making all the necessary information about yourself, you will get the opportunity to send a complaint. Its volume is limited to 2,000 characters, but quite sufficient for a detailed account of the problem. To e-mail you can attach scanned versions of required documents, and audio and video files.
On the website you will be given the opportunity to obtain information on the progress and outcome of the complaint, as well as the choice of the method for the final answer: in writing or by e-mail.