Please visit the official website of the party "United Russia". Note the horizontal menu located at the top of the page, under the symbols of the party. The penultimate item in this menu is called "Reception". When you hover over it POPs up the submenu, click on the third section in this "Central reception of Chairman of the party".
Write a letter online from the website of the party. The link is on this option is located in the middle of the page that appears before the section "news of the party." Go for it. Open your Mac mail program. Write your appeal to the Chairman of the party, click "Send". If you want to answer the questions raised in the appeal, or the comments of the Chairman of the party "United Russia", enter your e-mail address.
Write a letter on paper, be sure to specify the address at which you wish to receive a response to your message. Send an email at the address: 129110, Moscow, Bath lane., 3. The response you will receive within 3-4 weeks, depending on the workload of Mail of Russia.
Use e-mail. In your box, create a letter, be sure to specify the topic. Send a message to the address The answer will come to your e-mail within one week.
If you have a need to write an appeal to the office of the party "United Russia" in the region, reproduce Step 1, but in the menu "Selection" select "foster Regional Chairman of the party". In the resulting page, select desired Federal district and the Russian Federation. In the list you will find the name and patronymic of the head of the regional Department of the party, the phone number at which to contact him, email, and address for correspondence.