You will need
  • Telephone directory of the city of residence the Internet.
Call from your phone service, dictate the contents of the telegram and after a few minutes the message will be sent to the recipient. It should be noted that the special service of delivering telegrams, working in different rooms in the regions, so it is important to correctly determine the number in the directory of your city. The telegrams are available.
A telegram can be given not only with a cell phone and from home, work, street payphone. The content of the text can be anything – a greeting, business notification, personal information, service order.
It is possible to send the telegram on credit, subsequently your account for payment of communication services will come a receipt that will contain the cost of the message and attached to the bill for a landline phone.
Types of telegrams can be such:

- the artistically designed form;

- on the form of musical functions;

- for the children with musical accompaniment;

the memorial form for registration;

- the specified period of delivery (to be delivered on a specific date);

- "on demand";

- back of telegram is delivered;

- a p. O. box.
Payment for the reception of telegrams by phone are usually fixed, is a small amount, every word is evaluated separately depending on the category of the telegram, "urgent" is more expensive, and common, therefore cheaper. The Telegraph paid a delivery fee, it is divided by categories.
If in the village, where to send a telegram, no Telegraph and telephone, this service is paid additionally. The value of the number of characters voiced immediately after dictation. For legal entities the payment is made on a pre-signed contract. If the order is made using a payphone or cell phone payment will be calculated from the account in automatic mode, main thing is to have enough funds in the account.