Prepare a list of questions to be agreed upon. As a rule, the lettercontaining the conditions is a separate document preceding the conclusion of the basic contract. It can be in some cases used as an internal document that is necessary to develop a common solution and requires confirmation of eligibility from the different services (security, legal, financial, design, etc.). In other cases it is prepared to discuss controversial issues with partners in the collaborative project.
For registration letters of appeal to a partner you will need his details and those conditions which are subject to approval. Start the letter with instructions of the recipient in the top right corner (name of the partner organization, position, name and initials of the responsible person). Here specify briefly the theme of the letter " agreeing ..." . The title of the document in this case, it should not be written. The first sentence of the email will address you by your first name and patronymic of the person responsible for the development part of the project, which leads their organization. Of course, not forgetting to add the word "Dear". Next we move to consider the proposed terms, giving their list and decide on approval.
In the final part of the letter will notify the period in which it is necessary to carry out the approval and make the necessary corrections or to accept the offer in full. Followed by date of the letter, the signature and its interpretation in brackets.
Please note that a letter of agreement can be the main document outlining the terms of the preliminary agreement and cover. The letter, which will be accompanied by a Protocol of agreement or other document in a list or the list must contain the item "Application". It name the attached documents (pre-number them) proposed for agreement by the parties.