Remember, when on the basis of which documents you have received the right of ownership of the house. Remember that this will depend on all your future actions.
If you had lost the contract of purchase and sale for the house, registered before July 1997, please refer to the data archive of the BTI, which previously was carried out the state registration of property rights. To request a copy of this document, you will need only a passport. However, when you still have to renew the contract in the FRS.
If such contract was concluded after the July 1997, contact the FRS with the statement for the issuance of copies of it. Attach to the application documents:- the receipt on payment of state duty;
- the passport. However, you will be able to get it in the FRS only if it has not been certified by a notary or other authority competent to do so.
If the contract was notarized, you will need to request the archive of the notary office, which had issued the document, and passport. After that, you will have to issue a certified copy of the contract.
If it was lost and proof of ownership, contact on this issue in the FRS with a copy (original) of the contract of sale, confirmed by a notary or registered in the FRS. Please note: depending on whether the contract was in the FRS or not, you will have to pay lower or higher state fee for the renewal of the certificate.
Do not tighten with the restoration of documents, as in the case if you lost them or they were stolen, they can be used by scammers. So as soon as you find missing documents, contact the FRS with the statement for loss of the documents. Will go to court with a prohibition to carry out any transaction with your property.
Try not to execute the power of attorney on carrying out on your behalf in real estate transactions even close relatives. Enclose the power of attorney only for the restoration of documents on the house and hard to specify in it the deadlines and obligations of the Trustee.