You will need
  • - the application of the notary;
  • application of BTI;
  • - photocopy of contract of the seller;
  • application in PPRC.
If you entered into a contract of purchase andsale for residential, non-residential property or land prior to 1 January 1996 and have lost the document, please contact the notary office at the place of its registration. Send a request for a duplicate, pay the state fee for notary services. You will be given a copy within a few hours or days, it depends on how busy the notary at the time of treatment, and how much you made for the provision of services.
If you lost the document, concluded after 1 January 1996, when the Civil code was amended and simplified the procedure of the transaction, allowing to conclude contracts in the simple written form. But at this time has not yet entered into force the Federal law 122-F3 for compulsory state registration of ownership rights to real property that is exercised by the Federal Office for the unified registration of rights of ownership. This law came into force on 31 January 1998. That is, two years there was a simplified order of registration, but it is nowhere recorded. Such an agreement to restore the most difficult.
To restore you have two ways to find the salesman and take off with it the second instance of a copy or contact the technical inventory Bureau and to request a statement about the property owner. BTI will not be able to issue a duplicate, and will only issue a certificate confirming the ownership of real estate. So, in essence, to restore the agreement concluded in written form in the period from 1 January 1996 to 31 January 1998 is only possible by obtaining photocopies of the agreement of the seller.
If you lost the contract of purchase-saleconcluded after 31 January 1998, it can, upon request, in FPRC. The registration of rights of ownership of all copies of documents, including the contract of purchase-sale, remained in the archives of the state registration center, so you'll be able to obtain a photocopy by paying the state fee for the provision of services.