You will need
  • passport
  • statement
  • the contract of sale(exchange, gift)
  • receipt about payment of state duty
If you need to restore the certificate of ownership of the apartment, whose owner you are, you need to go to the territorial Department of the Federal registration service. Write a statement to restore the rights of ownership of the apartment, please indicate when and how it is evidence you have lost. Don't forget to bring your passport and the contract of sale (gift, exchange). You will also need to pay the state fee.
After some time (usually it takes not more than a month) you will receive an extract from the Unified state register of rights (if certification was received after February 1, 1998), then you will be given a copy of the certificate of ownership of the apartment lost it. In duplicate fully reproduces the text of a lost original. At the top of the text is marked "lost", and below it is certified by a certifying inscription, which contains important information: reasons for and date of issue, information about the applicant, etc. In duplicate shall contain the date of issue and number of the lost document.
In a situation when he lost his testimony of common ownership, then all owners need to contact their local Department of registration service statements and passports. The order of restoration is the same as in sole possession of the apartment.
In case of loss or theft of the certificate of ownership of the apartment and other legal documents, you definitely need to take precautions: apply to bodies of internal Affairs and the local Department of unified registration office a statement about the loss of the document. Also come to the courts with a statement indicating the prohibition to make any transactions with your assets. Be careful, lost documents can be exploited for personal gain.