You will need
  • - statement to the Department;
  • - the statement in FPRZ;
  • - passport;
  • - receipt of payment for services, FUHRT.
If you lose issued the order or contract on the transfer of municipal housing in the property, but have not had time to register its rights in the Federal Office of the state registration of the center, to restore the contract on transfer in the territorial office of the Department of housing policy.
Contact the specified court with the statement. Specify that the contract is lost or has deteriorated, and ownership of it you have not yet registered. Within one working week you will be given a copy of the second copy of the document that is kept by the owner of the property, whose role supports the Department.
The registration of rights of ownership in FUHRT you must show all documents prepared for privatization. Among them there is the agreement on the transfer of municipal housing in your property. The original document remains with you, a photocopy is sent to archival storage after the registration of property rights.
To obtain a duplicate, removed from a copy of a document, contact, FUHRS a statement and receipt of payment of the state fee for services rendered for the issuance of information, and duplicate from the archive.
The document issuance time limits in different regions may vary, but in any case not exceed 30 calendar days from the time of your treatment.
On the basis of your appeal you will receive a duplicate copy of the contractand on the transfer of municipal housing in your property.